Welcome to the 'Host Region' of the JEC 2019 and 2021 Jaguar Festivals

In June 2018, after a ceremonial cake cutting celebration at Bicester Heritage's 2018 Flywheel Festival, the JEC's Oxfordshire Region was officially launched. We are an extremely active and ambitious region. We've already met more than 70 times with an average of 20 members per event.

Membership is growing fast, with already some 70 subscribers and active engagement with more than 150 of the JEC members across Oxfordshire. You would be more than welcome to join us.

We normally (Covid-19 aside) hold at least 2 meetings a month, often 3 and sometimes more ! These take place right around the shire and are made up of drive-outs, talks, visits, 'open nights' and more. In May 2019, we had no less than 5 meetings and there were activities right through the summer. Our 2019 - 2020 programme saw us focus on even bigger and better events that often brought multiple Regions together. We are certainly not letting Covid-19 rein us in entirely.

Over the weekend of 10th to 12th May 2019, the Region was honoured to play 'host' to the, biggest and best to date, JEC Annual Festival at Heythrop Park, Bicester Heritage and Blenheim Palace. Playing our full part in the operation of the event (including the parking of more than 1,500 cars !), providing a major component of it (the Drive and Visit to Bicester Heritage), enjoying the BBQ and the Gala Dinner, displaying our own cars, entering (and marshalling) the Parade, entering the Pride & Joy Competition and even clearing up afterwards, it was VERY full-on but more than 50 of us had a ball !

The present Covid-19 Pandemic has inevitably constrained our programme but we remain active in the virtual world. If you would like to know more about the region or want to attend one of our meetings then please have no hesitation in contacting us for more information.

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The 2nd tuesday of each month from March 2019.
Launton, England OX26 5HA

About the region

The JEC Oxfordshire Region - one of the most active and ambitious - will undertake no less than 40 events in 2020-21.

Thank you for visiting the Oxfordshire regional page, a region that will be just 3 years old in June 202 but still growing very fast, with meetings right around the shire, so often just around the corner from you ! And we've a 2021-22 programme ready to roll now that the Covid-19 lockdown is coming to an end.

We don't therefore have any one single 'home' and have just one 'fixed' night of the month. That's our 'Open Nights' on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, although the venue shifts. We've so far been out to Oxford, Wantage, Thame, Witney (twice), Henley, Abingdon, Ickford / Worminghall, Banbury (twice), Frilford / Abingdon, Radcot / Faringdon and Cumnor. Our future Open Nights will include Burford, Woodstock, Chipping Norton and other location), before we go around again whilst visiting new pubs and hotels wherever possible ! We always pick venues with lots of space to see, photograph and inspect a wonderful range of Jaguars owned by our members.

JEC Regions have to fund themselves. Here in Oxfordshire, we've held down our Region membership / Subscription to just £15 a year - making our meetings less than 50p per member and delivering more than £65 of value by subsidising many of our events.

See the events pages of the website to get details of all of our upcoming events and their locations. Do also review our news pages to read the reports of the great recent meetings that we've had and that you've missed......

We'd love to meet you !!

Next Event

JEC Oxfordshire Will Attend The 1st Bicester Scramble of 2021 on 5th & 6th June

Bicester Heritage, Skimmingdish Lane, Bicester, OX26 5HA
5th June - 6th June 2021
Under 16s free (but must be booked in), Others £15.10. Only a limited number of new tickets available.
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Many JEC Oxfordshire Region Members Enjoy Drive It Day

26th April 2021

Many JEC Oxfordshire Region Members Enjoy Drive It Day...

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Thank you for visiting the Oxfordshire regional page, a region that is 30 months young but continuing to grow fast with meetings right around the shire.

Feel free to contact us now to obtain our full year's programme, but why not just come to our next meeting, just booking with the Regional Contact noted elsewhere on this page ??

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