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List of cookies used by this website:

Cookie Type Cookie Name Description

Persistent Cookie

_gat, _ga, _gid

Google Analytics uses these cookies to define user sessions, and provide core features in its Analytics reports. Google drops and updates these cookies only for the purposes of collecting data for these reports.

Persistent Cookie


Seg uses this cookie to define user sessions, and provide core features in its Analytics reports.

Persistent Cookie


Stores your cookie preferences.

Session Cookie

JECSessionId,*commerce_cookie, *username, JEC_1c2p1_*

A basic session identifier that enables the website application to identify your browser session, it is strictly necessary for the website to work.

Persistent Cookie


Session cookie to manage the security of content delivery network.

Persistent Cookie

grid_mode, client_utc_time, grid_mode_account

Functional cookies used to remember presentation state in the Classifieds pages.

Persistent Cookie


Functional cookie used to clear sessions if a site update requires it.

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