Keep track of the local news items and events that matter to you.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club community spans the globe, and takes part in more events, meetups and activities than could ever be controlled by a central entity. That's why we maintain regional branches both in the UK and across the world.

Working with us, they engage with our large club events but also find the time to create fantastic local activity schedules. By selecting the region(s) relevant to you and your interests, you can make sure that you'll be notified of the news items and events that mean something to you.

Becoming a member of your local JEC region is open to all national JEC members and is another way of getting the most from your Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club Membership.

Please note that all our regions operate individually, some may charge a small fee to cover costs of running monthly meetings or magazines, others will not charge. All are run by volunteers who have taken on the role of organising JEC activities and meetings in your area.

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