The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club have partnered with Shell to offer members an exclusive Fuel Card and discounts on fuel, with the new Shell Fleet App!

The benefits to members of the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club

JEC Member Benefits:-

•2p a litre discount on Shell V-Power fuels and 1p on Shell standard fuels.

•Conveniently tracking fuel spend and managing expenses with one monthly payment.

•Shell Go+ benefits.

To take advantage of this fantastic membership benefit you must complete the download of the Shell Fuel Card app on your smart phone (Referred to as Shell Fleet App).

Shell Fuel
Shell Fuel

How do I download the App?

Firstly, please read the FAQ’s document here before registering so you have all information to hand and answers to any questions you may have.

Secondly, download the App here using your smart phone. Download link here (This will only work on a smart phone).

Final step, use your unique code found in your email which has been sent to you from the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club to register. Or email [email protected] to request your code.

If I get stuck during my onboarding, who can I contact?

To receive support during your onboarding process, you can contact our customer services team at: [email protected]

Shell Fuel
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Shell4 Rs
Shell 2013 Pecten Rgb

Why Shell?

The Club has proudly joined forces with Shell due to the high quality of their fuel and the protection offered to the high performance engines.

Shell V-Power Benefits:-

  • Helps to restore engine performance
  • Helps to reduce engine friction
  • Helps to clean intake valves and/or fuel injector nozzles


For more information on Shell fuel, click here