2017 Driver Standings

Toyo Tires/Watchdogapp.com Jaguar Saloon & GT Championship

Launched in 2001, this championship initially began as a single series but, as numbers grew, the saloons & XJSs split into separate championships. However, for the last 10 years they were again merged. As the more recent Jaguars have become more available for conversion into race cars, the regulations need to be updated to recognise the faster & more modern cars. For example X & new style S Types. For 2015 this included XK8 & XF are now catered for. Classes again cater for standard (eg 3.6 XJS, 4-6 cylinder saloons) to fully modified (eg XJ12 or V12 XJS), with everything in-between.

 The class structure is such that any class winning car earns the same number of points as the race winner. The result being that a standard, well driven car can , and often does, win the championship. 

Driver Standings Leader Board

1stColin PhilpottClass C189pts
2ndRodney FrostClass B181pts
3rdSimon BluntClass A162pts

Class A

1stSimon Blunt162pts
2ndMichael Holt158pts
3rdDaniel Stewart110pts
4thSimon Dunford94pts
5thNick Wade74pts
6thKevin Dickins42pts
7thIan Drage30pts
8thIan Drage27pts
9thThomas Barclay18pts
10thRay Ingman9pts
11thRichard Crossley9pts
12thGary Davis0pts

Class B

1stRodney Frost181pts
2ndChris Boon130pts
3rdDean Sewell84pts
4thThomas Butterfield71pts
5thAlasdair Mcgregor53pts
6thBruce Cologne-Brookes42pts
7thGail Hill31pts
8thRoger Webster19pts
9thBen Walker13pts
10thColin Peach10pts
11thHoward Kirkham7pts
12thTim Morrant5pts

Class C

1stColin Philpott189pts
2ndJames Ramm159pts
3rdGuy Connew84pts
4thTom Lenthall60pts
5thDave Bye57pts
6thRichard Coppock48pts
7thChris Pizzala33pts
8thSimon Lewis29pts
9thDavid Bye12pts
10thRichard Knott0pts

Class D

1stAdam Powderham143pts
2ndTom Robinson124pts
3rdPatrick Doyle118pts
4thDerek Pearce80pts
5thLawrence Coppock39pts
6thDavid Howard20pts
7thCliff Ryan0pts
8thKevin Doylepts