XK Sportscars

From 1948 to 1961

The first postwar sports car, introducing the new Jaguar designed and built XK twin camshaft 6-cylinder engine.

The XKs made a name for themselves in competition, both in racing and rallying and of course were the basis of the successful sports racing C-type and D-type cars. 

These XK models are looked after by our Classic XK Forum.

Production years: 1948 - 1954

The XK120 was a late decision to provide a ‘concept’ to show off Jaguar’s new XK twin camshaft 3.4 litre 6-cylinder engine. Fitted to a shortened version of a new chassis destined for a luxury saloon and clad with an all aluminium two-seater r...

Production years: 1954 - 1957

The XK140 externally was identifiable by the more substantial bumper bars, cast radiator grille and internally by occasional rear seating and other trim changes. To provide more room inside, the engine was moved forward by 3 inches and for the...

Production years: 1957 - 1961

The final XK from this period was the XK150, produced form 1957 to 1961 also in the three body types. Essentially of the same format, the big change was in the exterior and interior styling. The former was more slab-sided and wider, yet retain...