From 1961 to 1974

Jaguar’s iconic sports car of the 1960s, the benchmark for all other sports cars., then as now.
Jaguar needed a new sports car for the 1960s to meet the demand for British cars overseas and to keep ahead of the competition as more and more cars were entering this market area. Their answer was the E-type directly derived from the success of the D-type Le Mans winning sports racing car. 

Production years: 1961 - 1968

Designed by well known aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer the car was aerodynamically advanced and drop-dead gorgeous, built around a monocoque (chassisless) shell with front frames to hold the suspension and engine and an advanced rear independent ...

Production years: 1968 - 1971

The E-type Series 2 models were introduced from 1968 incorporating the necessary changes above, plus a wider intake ‘mouth’ to improve air flow into the engine compartment, revised rear lighting and updated interior trim. Now also available wi...

Production years: 1971 - 1974

The E-type Series 3 models came out in 1971 introducing the first new Jaguar engine since the XK in 1948. An advanced V12 engine of 5.3 litre capacity, all aluminium with two overhead camshafts, this was a tour de force of engineering supremacy...