Meguiar's Ultimate Paint Care Kit



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The Ultimate Paint Care Kit contains the following 3 products listed in order of suggested use:

Step 1 - Ultimate Compound: Quickly removes stubborn oxidation, stains and other sub-surface defects while polishing the surface to a mirror finish. Unlike Traditional Compounds that scour the surface, our new clear coat safe micro-abrasive produces an amazingly clear finish that is free from light scratches, hazing and swirls. Apply by hand or with the Meguiar's MT320 Dual Action Polisher.

Step 2 - Ultimate Polish: Rich polishing oils add a deep rich wet look to paint. Can be applied by hand or with the Meguiar's MT320 Dual Action Polisher. Apply, then remove any residue with a microfibre straight away. Do not let a polish dry on your paint!

Step 3 - Ultimate Liquid Wax: Synthetic polymers cross link to form a durable protective barrier that amplifies reflections for incredible depth & mirror-like shine, without leaving white residue on plastic and rubber. Easy to apply by handor with the Meguiar's MT320 Dual Action Polisher. A blob of product the size of a pound coin will be enough to cover half a bonnet on an average car. Microfibre and soft-foam applicator pad included.