Ulster Folk & Transport Museum stores visit

A chance meeting at a previous venue by our Chairman Ed Shaw led the club to get the first ever peek into the back stores of the Ulster Transport Museum.

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This eagerly awaited tour attracted our best attendance with over 40 members present. Excitement was rife as we were escorted to this modern purpose-built facility miles from the main museum.

Greeted by Paul McAuley and Clare they explained the purpose of the facility wasn't to restore the collection but for preservation and recording of all the various items either found or donated by Northern Ireland residents. These then can be used to exchange and refresh the exhibits in the main Museum at Cultra.

Split into three groups we browsed Northern Irelands past motoring history. All carefully laid out, labelled and racked a true credit to their staff. We saw everything from horse drawn carriages, jaunting cars, fire engines, battery milk carts, lorries, aircraft, racing cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

We were shown the Rex McCandless collection who was famous for inventing the successful featherbed motorcycle frame the first time out in 1950 it won the Isle of Man TT. Also on display were his two autogyro planes he pioneered and attempted to fly and his fabulous 4 wheel drive chain driven race car which is still being raced at Goodwood today. A true legend from this tiny island.

We finished the evening off with tea/coffee and sharing a few of Ed's wife Sharon's famous homemade cakes with the staff.