Summer Jaguar Festival 2020

With regret I can tell you it contains the news that we have had to cancel the event this year. It has been a difficult few weeks especially watching the lockdown in England gradually being lifted whilst hoping the situation would improve sufficiently to allow some form of event to take place. It has been made even more difficult with so many of our key partners like Newby Hall and Nidd Hall having their key staff under furlough leaving Andy and your Events team no-one to discuss matters with.

Having now had time to study the detailed guidelines that we, as organisers, would have to follow and seen the restrictions that would be placed on Newby with respect to bookings and arrivals we have recognised the only sensible course of action was to cancel for this year.

All the key relevant information is contained in the attached. We are emphasising that members should not contact either the Club office or the venues directly. Members who have booked day tickets and other elements directly through the office will be refunded over the coming week or so, without need to identify themselves as we have all their details. Similarly, over the next 2 weeks Warners Nidd Hall have agreed to contact all members who booked a weekend package with them and run through the options available, including full refund under the Warners Covid Guarantee.

This information will be issued to publications as a press release tomorrow, broadcast via a Spotlight special tomorrow, and will be discussed on the Podcast Friday, and further notification will appear in the August magazine. Unfortunately we were not able to confirm the wording of the Press release with our partners in time for this month’s magazine.