November 2023 Members Car of the Month

This month’s members car of the month is "Hamish”. He belongs to our very own dare devil Julie Anderson. This is what she says about him....

I bought Hamish in 2022. He is a XJ8 (308) Colour Topaz. He is used daily. We have attended quite a few shows throughout the year. We enjoy travelling to JEC events around the country, such as Chateau Impney, Half Penny green to name just two.

Earlier this year we attended Shelsley Walsh Hill climb, for the Lucas Classic Event. He enjoyed it so much we went back about two months ago, where we attended The Hill Climb Driving school there.

I was lucky enough to find him locally, from a retired Police Motorcycle Officer. I wanted an older car as I believe we should preserve them.

He is very comfortable to drive in, also has the power to pull up hills without even breaking a sweat all down to that powerful V8 engine.