News from North Stafordshire Region

Sadly, I have to report the death of Susan Hill, our condolences and thoughts go to Alan Hill, Alan and Susan joined us on many occasions at the region annual Christmas/New year dinner dance, Alan, now retired, was a representative of the Midlands Air Ambulance – our major charity over many years. In March we welcomed our newly appointed region Ambassador, Keith Hurlock, Chairman of the North Wales region. Keith and his wife, Lorraine, joined us to tell us about his role. We held a raffle for 11 prizes donated by members, thanks goes to them and also Sue Lewis for selling the tickets. Separate to this was an auction for a large framed jigsaw of a Jaguar (animal not car!) donated by Dave Hammersley, this was won by Ken Mitchell. Dave kindly donated the winning bid to the Air Ambulance charity. On 23rd March we met at the Medical Institute in Hartshill for a very interesting talk about Defibrillator Awareness by a charity called AEDdonate based in Staffordshire, also included in the talk was information and demonstrations of applying Resuscitation. After this there was a marvelous buffet. Brian Pye organized the whole thing and the region made a donation to their charity. The show season has already started and we have attended a few so far, the first of which was at the Foxfield Railway, it was a cold but sunny day and the members who attended had a great time. Come and join us for more event news.

Foxfield Railway Staffs North Region