News from North Staffordshire Region

Events are ramping up now in the region with several good weather weekends helping our turnouts. Club nights are still continuing to attract new members to the region with an attendance of 44 in April. In May we held our first “Car of the Month” competition where members present on the night vote for the Jaguar/Daimler on Moorville Hall hotel car park they think is the best one. The winning car can only win once in the year so there are usually 5 chances to win the award, I will report which car and owner won in the next magazine report. We will also have our annual region car show again this year for a super trophy and other awards, the date of this event is not yet decided but it will be on a Sunday at Moorville Hall hotel so watch this space! For later in the year we have one or two events penciled in at the lecture theatre at Medical institute in Harthill, more of these later in the year. With all this good weather remember if you can get a good photo of your car it may be suitable for the calendar next year. Regional club regalia Tee and sweat shirts etc with embroidered logo is available at very reasonable rates. Join us at 8:00pm on the third Wednesday of the month at Moorville Hall hotel in Cellarhead for up to the minute news of club, regional and national events.

Staffordshire North Region At Chetwynd Deer Park