News from North Staffordshire Region

At the February meeting we held a digital regional Annual General meeting which was well attended, another first for our region kindly arranged by our Ambassador Paul Rogers. The accounts were presented by Carol Ingram showing we are in a reasonable state of financial health for the previous 12 month period despite the difficulties. Two proposals regarding the make up of the region committee were passed, first the inclusion of a Vice Chairman position and the addition of a committee member position. Brian Pye expressed the wish to step down from his position of Chairman to make way for new blood, so the new committee for the next twelve months are Chairman - Dave Page, Vice Chairman - Brian Pye, Treasurer/Events Organiser – Carol Ingram, Joint events organiser - Dave Page, Secretary/Regional Organiser - Mike Beirne, and committee members - Sue Page, Dave Rockey and Keith Ingram. Some shows are already planned for 2021 although some seem to have been cancelled as well. (don’t forget you need to apply for tickets at least two weeks in advance to the organisers of the relevant show), not all shows appear in this news roundup but where there is time they will be here. I will advise members by email as the year goes by about which events are confirmed. Our March meeting will be held digitally as many members have expressed a wish for us to have one. I will report more on this meeting in April. Mike Beirne