News from North Staffordshire Region

Little did we know this time last year when we said “plans are being made for the many car shows we will be attending in 2020”, what was about to happen! In February we held our 2021 regional Annual General Meeting using the Zoom facilities provided by the club. Thanks to Paul Rogers our regional Ambassador for his help in setting this up. There were a few changes to our committee structure and I will report what these were in next month’s report. The “North Staffs region member of the year 2020/21” trophy will not be presented because of the lack of meetings and events over the last twelve months. We are hopefully going to have both events and meetings restarting later this year. Several members attended both the clubs main Annual General Meeting, also held digitally, in January and a virtual tour of the Pirrelli Performance Centre in Burton which were both very polished events, congratulations to the organisers. Keep your eye on these regional report articles in the magazine to see what is happening in the region and for details of future events. I will send an email to Staffordshire North members we hold email addresses for when we have news of the return of physical meetings and the venue. You will have seen in the February and this month’s magazines Graham Searle has retired his position on the national committee and as a region we send him our best wishes for the future.