News from North Staffordshire Region

Our annual Christmas Dinner/Dance at the North Stafford Hotel in Stoke (directly opposite the rail station) on Saturday 9th January 2021 is currently in doubt, when we have determined if it will be on I will put details in the December magazine, but if it is to go ahead you would need to be quick to book a place. We will have a region calendar for 2021 hopefully costing around £10 this year (it may be more as I am guessing there may not be too much of a call for it), there is still time to submit a good quality picture (at least 1Mb) of your ‘motor’ for selection, if there are more than 12 submitted I will choose them, if there are not enough I will use some picture from the archives. If you would a calendar one please drop me a line, email or phone call as I only order the quantity required. The region photograph was from a couple of years ago when there was a seminar at the Medical institute in Stoke. Lastly don’t forget we have a region Facebook page set up by Sue Page, you can apply to join by searching for “JEC North Staffs”

Staffordshire North Xks In Stoke