News from North Staffordshire Region

Short report this month. There may be some shows yet to attend (the ones postponed earlier in the year) fingers crossed and hopefully the good weather will stick with us! If you would like to join us at the car shows or would like to know more, watch this space and keep in touch to see when we recommence our monthly meetings. Just as the Isolation/lockdown kicked in, the Bleeding Wolf pub venue was about to be refurbished, I am not sure if this has, or will have, happened. If it didn’t go ahead we will be meeting at the North Staffs hotel in Stoke. Now is a good time to start taking your photos for the region calendar, these should be good quality/size, also try to have a small area of background around your car and make the overall picture square or reasonably oblong (landscape style), i.e. not tall and narrow. See example picture, Submit 1 or at the most 2 for a choice to be made at the November club night if we hold that meeting

Staffs North Region E Type Dave Lewis