New Chair and Treasurer Presentation

Last night, 14th November 2023, was food and quiz night.

The evening was very well attended by some long standing members and some new members. Pizza, chips, sandwiches and salad were served before the quiz started.

After the food, Karen Phillips made a short speech on behalf of the membership in attendance, thanking the new Chairman and Treasurer (Steve and Deb Braddock-Bould) for recently taking on these roles at a time when volunteers were very thin on the ground and there was a real risk that the region may cease to exist. When Steve and Deb took on these committee roles, they were joined in support by Phil White and later Andy Woodhouse. After her speech on behalf of the membership Karen Phillips presented Steve and Deb with two crystal tumbles on a wooden plinth.

The quiz then got underway. Kevin Phillips had organised the professional quiz master and the questions covered various topics from general knowledge, sport, entertainment and music. Some questions we knew the answer to, those were the easy ones and some questions we didn't, those were the hard ones!! The winning team were happy to accept a bottle of wine each as there prize. A lot of laughs were had by all who attended.

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