Mullagh bog Jaguar XJS er turrys Ellan Vannin 2019

Following on from a successful 2018 Tour the Greater Manchester JEC joined the Isle of Man again for 2019. Six cars came across from the UK on a flat and calm Irish Sea, to bright sunshine. From Friday 3rd May to Monday 6th May.

The Tour was split up into a number of sections, with various points of interest along the way. Saturday morning started off bright and sunny again when the visitors left the Ramsey Park Hotel and we headed up over the mountain to the Bungalow at the base of Snaefell.

Dsc 0108

Leaving the Bungalow we head around the TT course to the Creg-ny-Baa

Dsc 0110

Re-grouping we then met up with another local member at the TT Grandstand. Unlike the 2018 Tour the weather was still with us, albeit cold.

Dsc 0112

From the Grandstand the group headed south passing over Fairy Bridge, remembering to say hello to the Fairies and onto Cregneash – A living example of a Manx farming and crofting community of the 19th Century, taking in the sights of Loghtan Sheep (4 horns) and a traditional example of ploughing


Lunch was provided at the Sound Café overlooking the Calf of Man. With the weather being good to us we had ample opportunity to see the local wild life.


Leaving the Sound the group headed north and west to finish in Peel. A good chance to have an ice cream from Davisons or visit Peel Castle on St Patrick’s Isle and hear about one of it’s residents the Moddey Dhoo.


Saturday evening there was a group meal with some local JEC members at Valika’s Indian Restaurant in Ramsey.

Sunday, again was bright and sunny and the group headed down the Coast Road to Laxey to visit the Lady Isabella, as per the previous year we were invited by Manx National Heritage top get some pictures of the cars in front of the wheel.

Dsc 0141

Sunday lunch was provided by the Salmon Lake Centre/ Ballacregga and their General Manager Angie Davies, in Laxey who provided us a hot buffet and salad.

Sunday afternoon was spent by some taking a tram from Laxey to visit the summit of Snaefell, or by others who chose to walk to the summit from the bungalow.


After a brief rest eight of us headed back down to Peel for Sunday evening and the Manx Fire Festival, celebrating the coming of Summer from the darkness of Winter. Finishing off with fish and chips and fireworks.


Monday morning was left as free time for the visitors to enjoy some relaxation or further explore parts of the island that had been missed.

Thanks must be given to Manx National Heritage, the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development (marketing), The Mitre in Kirk Michael, Valika’s Indian Restaurant in Ramsey, The Salmon Lake Centre in Laxey and everyone in the Isle of Man that made the visitors feel welcome and admired some of the cars that are on the island and those that visited for the weekend.