JEC South Lincs. - Christmas Party 2019

During December was our annual Christmas Party, held, as usual, at Woodland Waters in Ancaster. Forty-six members attended, all dressed in their festive finery, to enjoy excellent food, great company and superb entertainment.

Our region is fortunate to boast a professional singer among its members and Ian was once again in great voice. He kindly performed two sets, singing various old favourites from the late 1950s through to the 1990s, which enabled many of us to reminisce about the pleasures of our younger days. Some members even found the energy to dance, perhaps keen to burn off at least a few of the vast quantity of calories everyone had just devoured.

The musical interludes were punctuated by Jon’s highly amusing auction, during which even the slightest movement could result in an unwary member unwittingly purchasing an item that, under other (more sober?) circumstances, they wouldn’t consider buying. Fortunately for everyone who bid so generously, intentionally or otherwise, the money raised from this hilarious event will boost the region’s coffers and be used to the potential benefit of all members. This year’s auction amazingly raised over £500.

So, thank you to Jon and Ian for entertaining us so well and thanks to all the staff at Woodland Waters for the excellent catering.