JEC Somerset Tree Planting

10 members of the Somerset Region join up with local group of volunteers to plant 350 tree on the Somerset levels.

This is the start of a great partnership

Tree Planting David Deborah
Tree Planting Bruce And Pam
Tree Planting Ant Alison
Tree Planting Over View

As well as encouraging the planting of new trees, the project will also help to protect Ancient Woodland through identifying 70 individual ancient trees.

We are really excited to be taking part in this scheme and we look forward continuing the partnership which has a target to plant 35,000 tree this year.

  • Increase the % of woodland area in and around the Somerset levels
  • Provide additional habitat helping to sustain the eco system
  • Help absorb surface water
  • Help reduce soil erosion as the trees help stabilise the soil with their root systems
  • Provided fully mature trees for the future benefit of our children that will continue to absorb CO²
  • Illustrate that as JEC Somerset Region we care about our local environment
  • Provide opportunity for members to meet up outside the club environment for enjoyable social days out, learning from some of the experts on planting and managing trees.
  • Increase our knowledge of the wild life and their habitats.