JEC Somerset Region Exmoor Explore

After careful planning and risk assessment to ensure that all Covid 19 guidelines were followed we planned our first drive out since the lock down. We devised a flexible route in a 85 mile figure of 8 around Exmoor almost entirely in Somerset with just a few miles into Devon around Lynmouth. The route could be navigated in several different ways which kept groups of cars to a minimum and plenty of opportunity to pass each other along the way. Exmoor has fantastic roads with beautiful views of the Somerset countryside (Lorna Doone Country) and coast and the route included the infamous Porlock Hill, the picturesque harbour of Porlock Weir and the highest point of the moor, Dunkery Beacon. We marked the route with various points of interest, picnic spots, pubs with outdoor seating and of course toilet stops. Throughout the drive we kept in touch with each other using WhatsApp so that people could meet others or just wave when passing. In all 12 Jaguars and 1 Bentley were spread out all over Exmoor with small groups of 6 meeting up at strategic picnic spots or stunning view points.

Dunkery Beacon
Mark Ix