JEC Somerset National Trust "Gourmet" Adventure

10.30 Morning coffee at Lytes Cary Manor

12.45 Lunch at Montacute House

15.30 Cream Tea at Barrington Court

18.30 Supper at The Ashcott

This was a truly "gourmet" adventure for 25 members in 12 classic and modern Jaguar cars

Many thanks to all our fantastic JEC Somerset members who took part in all, or some of our National Trust "Gourmet" Adventure. We had a wonderful turnout throughout the day and finished with a very sociable supper at our monthly meeting venue, The Ashcott. A bit (well rather a lot!) of rain didn’t dampen the spirit of the occasion and we were able to have a wander around the gardens between the showers and enjoy the splendors of the three houses. We are so privileged to have such wonderful history and culture on our doorstep and no doubt this will be the first of many county excursions for the region.

Many thanks also to the National Trust venues, Lytes Cary Manor, Montacute House and Barrington Court.

Lytes Cary
Barrington Court 2
Cream Tea
Montacute House 2