JEC Derbyshire Region - May '20 Update

Although we are in the middle of the Coronavirus Lockdown, Roger has been busy writing again...

Hello Everyone,

For anyone who has forgotten, Tuesday 12th should have been our “run out evening”, and with the weather set to be fine but chilly, we could have been looking forward to a pleasant evening, but not to be as we are all still in lockdown and it seems it will continue for some time.

I had an interesting story from John Hinsley, who lots of you know ran the Derbyshire Group for many years. He is now hoping the lockdown will be extended for a few more months, as like many of us was concerned his hair was getting a bit long and remembered many years ago he bought a Babyliss Shaver for Men so decided to charge it and have a go. However after about 20 seconds he realised it was not a good idea and even though Liz has tried to repair the damage she has suggested he sticks to the back garden for the next few weeks as it is completely screened from public view. If anyone is interested in a one owner Babyliss Mens Shaver Kit I can let you have his number!

Hartley has a similar story, the conclusion of which is that 'number 4' on his trimmer is NOT the same as 'number 4' on his hairdresser's professional trimmer!!! Hopefully his hair will have grown back before the end of the lockdown!

Lionel and Brenda have been out on their walks in the Peak District and last year spotted a lamb with unusual face markings and have now spotted it again this year but grown up. Take a look at the photos.

At our last meeting we had Jon Tye the owner of Lea Rhododendron Garden near Matlock and a former Vulcan Bomber Pilot and Motocross Champion give us a fascinating talk on his career in the RAF. Many of you had never hear about Lea Garden before and were invited to go by Jon when the garden is at its best in May and June. He has been in touch to say the invitation is still on and from Wednesday this week the garden is open from 10am till 5pm and he would be delighted to see us there. His son Pete will be on duty but has said that if you mention the JEC to him he will happily come up and say hello. The café will be open but only for takeout food and drinks. If you have never been you should go as it is spectacular and even if you are not a gardener it is a wonderful place to wander around and admire the work of the original owner John Smedley from its founding in 1935, it is well worth a visit.

Kind regards to you all and stay safe.