A look at what members of the Derbyshire Region have been up to during the Lockdown

Firstly, I hope all members of the JEC 'Family' are well in these trying times. Surely it won't be long before we are 'set free' again?

All this home confinement has resulted in lots of items on the 'jobs list' being attended to. We take a look at some of them below:

Richard Eaton has been restoring an Auster J5V (that's an aeroplane by the way. Every day's a school day as they say!). The tailplane halves don't line up along the hinge line due to a dodgy repair in the past - These things do happen, even on aircraft with airworthiness certificates! Richard has also offered a suggestion for some light reading - see photo below!

Jerry Climpson has been using the extra free time to progress The Climpson Special. Jerry reports as follows:

"As we can't open the garden for the NGS this spring, I've been let off garden-slave duties, for April at least! So, I've managed to score lots of time in the garage and have got loads done on Snafu.

I've attached some recent photos; one of the completed boot and one of the interior, which is as far as I can get without the services of an auto trimmer. I was going to use leather for the insides but my old apprentice (who went on to work for Rolls Royce) said do it in Alcantara, it's much easier. She was right! Fortunately, the photos don't show the mistakes! The veneer work is in Burr Elm and was done by Chapman & Cliff, who did a very good job. This is as far as I can complete the car as now everything either needs painting or welding or both. So ....

I've now started to take the car apart, again! Hopefully for the last time before the final build. Amazingly, the company doing the paint work is just the other end of the village! Just got to find somewhere to put all the bits, now I wonder if H will mind me putting some in the spare room"

Pictures below. I can't wait to see the finished article! The Burr Elm looks fantastic!

Ian Bamford has also been working on something with wheels, but they are not all the same size! Ian 'found' a locomotive on Ebay which he has renovated. Before and after photo's below.

That's all for now folks. Please stay safe and we hope to meet you all soon (whilst socially distancing, of course!).

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