Essex and Suffolk Borders - September News

News from around the region

With the exception of the one show we attended at Glemham, events have been non events this year, for obvious reasons. The committee is still meeting, but with no NEC Classic Car Show, no Christmas Buffet and no normal club nights at the pub, I think you can say we are in Hibernation mode now that autumn is upon us. This is a great shame as the Region was in great shape, with regular new members and we are sound financially.

Keep your fingers crossed that the Covid situation will improve by the Spring so that normal activities can be resumed; the lunch in January seems years ago!

We are looking into speakers for meetings, The Cricketers looks forward to welcoming us back some time and Rickinghall is booked. We will let you know how the lunch situation pans out for our regular January to March events, so that is as far as we can go at the moment.

Stay safe everybody.