Essex and Suffolk Borders - April News

News from around the region

It is anyone's guess when normality will be restored, but at the moment I am hoping we may be able to attend the odd show at the end of the season. We will let you know as things progress. Will the NEC show take place in November? We have the coach booked and it is very flexible. It can be this year, next year, full size, half size or minibus! In the meantime, I know of three members who have acquired new Jaguars which, no doubt, are not going to be seen at a show anywhere soon.
The star will be Bob Welton's white XK120, which will be great to see. Then Leigh has acquired an S Type R to go alongside the black Daimler. He tells me it puts a smile on his face every time he puts his foot down. Geoff has sent the blue XK8 convertible up north and replaced it with an XK 5.0 Portfolio in the rare colour of Botanical Green. It was delivered down from Sheffield and the part exchange driven away.
Obviously there has been very limited chance to use it at the moment, but I did see somebody driving through a local village the other day in a new Ferrari, and I don't think he was going to pick up his prescription either....
Keep safe everybody.