Essex and Suffolk Borders - March News

News from around the Region

The lockdown appears to be lifting gradually as promised and after 21 June we can only hope that we progress to 'as near as normal as we are likely to see'. We are in the process of sending out a new Events List, with Sunday 4 July being the first event, a low key trip to Star Wings Brewery. This is at Redgrave, North Suffolk, and there will be a small car show and a dog event too. Names to Geoff if you have not already done so, please. The following day, Monday 5 July we are planning on returning to The Cricketers for the first proper meeting since February last year.

Euston is not happening in June, but we have dates pencilled in for Weeting 18 July, Helmingham 1 August, Lavenham 29 August. A further newsletter will be sent regarding the shows later in the year. It may be possible for us to have a proper sit down Christmas meal at the Cricketers in December, rather than the buffet, and this may be very welcome in view of the lack of our traditional lunches in the first three months of the year.

On the subscriptions front, some people paid in February 2020 and some didn't. As the club has been in hibernation, we will not be asking for 2020 subs (as nothing happened) or 2021 subs ( as it will be half a year) so we will not ask for any until February 2022! Those that already paid will obviously have them carried over.

Lastly, subject to Covid not producing another wave in the autumn, we will look to booking up a coach again to the NEC. So assuming there is no Covid wave and the NEC put the classic car show on, would you let Martin or Geoff know your willingness to attend so that we can judge if we need more than a four seater!

Hope to see you all soon.