Essex and Suffolk Borders - June News

News from around the region

The weather as I write is superb and we can only look upon 2020 as a written off summer as far as the car shows are concerned. I did decide to book the Village Hall at Rickinghall for our show next year, which will be 15 and 16 May, so an advance date for your diaries. Saturday for setting up and the Sunday for the show day, as before. I thought it best to book it before it goes to a Brownies Jamboree or a cancelled wedding reception from this year! As far as we know, the Dinner Dance is still on in November, but we will keep you advised. Despite pubs opening up in early July, the format is likely to be spaced out tables, staggered times and so on - I can't really see group meetings taking place this year, but again we will keep you advised.

I expect you have noticed the traffic volumes increasing again, along with the petrol prices to match. Morrison's had 99.7 on their board at one stage - not that I buy Morrisons petrol - but I don't think we will see that again anytime soon. But the weather has brought the convertibles and classics out and hopefully you are getting out in your cars for trips in the countryside.

Finally, I sometimes go to the preview day at Anglian Car Auctions to look at the cars, then look on line in a few days time to see what they went for. I did not go this time, but see a 97 XK8 went for £1920, and a 97 XK8 Convertible for £3286. Hopefully they were pretty ropey!