Essex and Suffolk Borders - April News

Chairman's Notes

Our show at Rickinghall is nearly upon us and there has been much discussion and e-mailing on laminated signs, first aid and extension leads amongst other things. You would not believe how many emails it takes to get a stall in the hall set up, or to get a car club to actually confirm their number attending, one club actually cancelling because they like to have a leisurely breakfast first. They wanted to arrive after we open to the public, from all of twenty miles away. Once we have had the show, I will perhaps submit an article. Not to rival Lorraine, you understand, who should be coming to put her own Birds Eye View on the proceedings.

A large contingent from the region ventured overseas for a few days to the Isle of Wight recently and were very pleased with the welcome they received from the local region. A tour round the island had been arranged, but our members were rather amazed to get a car with flashing yellow lights on top escorting them around and stopping traffic to let the convoy through! So many thanks to all who assisted from IOW Region.

There are many events planned now that the shows have got under way, so please book up early for those you wish to attend.

Finally a cautionary tale. I recently went out in my XK8, brought it back home and washed and polished it for the show. I then went to put it in the garage and no amount of jiggling and cursing could get the steering lock to disengage. Thinking the lock had gone, I was just contemplating calling a recovery service when I looked again at the key in my hand and saw it was for the XJ8 I had washed earlier but still had the key for that in my pocket. The right key worked fine. Read the fob, next time.....