Derbyshire Visits Bicester Heritage Scramble, Oct 21

Scrambles occur only 3 or 4 times a year, and are not to be missed. Bicester Heritage deserves to be seen by all true enthusiasts, and this article is desicned to tempt you if you haven't been yet.

October 2021 Scramble

Last chance for 2021 means getting on the road from Derbyshire by 7.30 a.m. No problem if you're heading for Bicester Heritage! Nigel's turn to drive and he turns up in...well, lets say it was a popular german sports car identified by 3 numerals. I'll let you work it out! When we got there, it was in good company as there were the usual hoards of porkers everywhere. Oops, given it away now!

However, this is a Jaguar club, and there were plenty of all models Jaguar tucked away all over the site. I attempted to capture as many as possible.

Attendance was restricted to 5,000 (people, not Jags!) due to C***d restrictions, so there was actually a lot more room to move around to see the cars in the main site area. Overall, this made for a much better environment to see the cars, and there were plenty of Jaguars to see.

For those who haven't been, and apparently there are a few of you still out there, I hope this gives you a taste and also the desire to visit in future.

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The Bicester Heritage site has been preserved in an almost time-warp state, even to the extent of retaining the original names for the buildings. There's something rather poetic about a racing workshop being housed in the incendiary store!

Of all the Scrambles, I prefer the October meeting, as the leaves start to fall and tumble across the ground in the inevitable wind that blows across an airfield.

Most of the 50 or so businesses on the site are related in some way to the motor car (excepting the gin distillery and the brewery - how did they get in there?) and the vast majority are open for visitors to wander into. It's a really good vibe, and all credit is due to the four guys who sat down all those years ago and decided to give it a go! Well done to them for giving us all such a good facility which continues to go from strength to strength.