Derbyshire Region Cornoavirus Update

In view of the current situation we are cancelling all meetings until further notice. We are sorry about this but feel we have no option, in the hope things start to get back to normal reasonably quickly. This includes the Whitby trip and for those of you booked for one/two nights, Geoff has contacted the hotel, and whilst the deposits were non-refundable, they are quite prepared to hold the booking so that we can re arrange the trip at a later date. The only event which is out of our control is the BBQ on the 27thJune and Roger has currently sold 31 tickets and have a further 10 on reserve to collect. Obviously if it’s cancelled you will get a refund, or if any of you decide you want to cancel regardless, then Roger will refund the money. Roger should also have attended a meeting about the Derby Car Show yesterday, but this was cancelled and a decision on it will be made as soon as possible.

Roger will continue to email with snippets of information as received, but hope you all stay safe and we will all be meeting up again very soon.