Derbyshire Region - Visit to Gulliver's Kingdom "Land of Lights"

A group of our members recently went to Gulliver's Kingdom near Warrington for a spectacular "Light Show". Roger has kindly written a few words and supplied the accompanying photo's.

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At the invitation of Ray Phillips, a group of 20 members of the Derbyshire Region together with 6 members of the Rolls Royce and Bentley Enthusiast’s Club visited Gulliver’s Kingdom at Warrington on the 4th and 5th February to see their Land of Lights Show.

We arrived mid afternoon and enjoyed tea and scones before making our way over to the Light Show as the afternoon light faded, and what a show it was. Gulliver’s joined forces with a major Chinese Company who built and fabricated the characters on site just before Christmas, and the Light Show has been running through December and January and finishes mid-February. The whole thing was absolutely amazing, and whilst it is mainly directed at children, I think we were all taken aback at the size and scale of the whole thing. It was brilliant and the detail on the figures is quite astounding and from the comments received I think everyone enjoyed the experience.

The show is in part of the Theme Park at Gulliver’s and is about a mile long in total. Luckily, the weather behaved itself and everyone involved made us very welcome. The food and service at the hotel was excellent and a big thanks to Ray and all involved at Gulliver’s for a great 48 hours.

On Monday morning we walked over to RAF Burtonwood Heritage Museum, which is situated in the grounds at Gulliver’s, and what a little gem! It traces the history of Burtonwood during the Second World War and beyond and how it played a strategic role in helping Britain at a critical time in the war. Over 18,500 Americans were based there and up until it’s closure in 1993 over 70,000 service personnel had served there during its 54-year history. The museum is only small, but it has a wealth of exhibits and traces the everyday life of those who worked and served there during both the Second World War and the Cold War.

The two volunteers who took us round were great and again everyone enjoyed the couple of hours we spent there