Derbyshire Region Run Out - 14th June

Mike Overend organised a cracking run out and the weather was brilliant

Our annual Run-Out usually coincides with the weather gods taking a dislike to our plans, but not this year!

Mike planned a 1 hour route, mainly on A roads, and all cars were away in the evening sunshine by 6.30pm.

Completely co-incidentally, a fellow JEC member plus his wife from Norwich were having a drink in The Robin Hood, not realising that this was our normal meeting place on the second Tuesday of each month. What a pleasant surprise when we all rolled up! To my sincere embarrassment I didn't get your names when we spoke, but I hope you enjoyed the show!

The route was briefly as follows: From the Robin Hood, Owler Bar, Hathersage, Hope, The Winnats, Sparrowpit, then back to the RH via Calver and Baslow. A great route Mike, and as I am sure Geoff has already told you, 'You've got the job for life now'!.

We had 18 cars on the list to do the run, but somehow we had more than that on the night!

We welcomed the following new members to the region as follows: Paul Willers (XKR Coupe), Stephen Lowndes (1996 Daimler Saloon), Patrick Morrisey (1960's Mk 2, plus a Vespa Scooter - see photos!). We hope you enjoyed the evening and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Jerry also brought 'Snafu' along for the evening, good to see she is still behaving satisfactorily Jerry!

In addition to the normal socialising and camaraderie, we discovered that Lionel has a Fan. This is not surprising, because Lionel is a genial and well liked chap. However, on the back seat (!) of his XK Convertible, Lionel has a real Fan! An actual, plug into the electric socket rotating fan! (See pictures). Some people take kettles and tea bags when they go away, but Lionel and Brenda also take a fan with them in case their hotel room is too hot! At least this is what Lionel told me. You can make up your own mind!

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