CMC Jaguar Day - 23rd April 2022

This is my summary of the CMC day on 23rd April 2022

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I have attended a CMC open day some 4 years ago, but such is the breadth and depth of this company that a second visit is well worthwhile.

The day was cloudy and dry, and when I arrived at just after 10.00 am there were plenty of JEC cars parked up in front of the main entrance to the CMC buildings.

Demonstrations from various departments (trim shop, gearbox, dyno, paint etc) were organised for times throughout the day, and you were free to wander throughout the site at your leisure.

Outside there was a display of some of the cars that CMC have or are working on, so there was no shortage of things to see. JEC members were in 'pole position' and brought along a variety of cars, all excellently turned out.

Lunch was a pre-booked buffet and there was complementary coffee/tea throughout the day.

There were also a good selection of cars from AMOC (Aston Martin OC), and quite a few Aston's inside undergoing work.

Inside the buildings there was also a good representation of other cars that CMC are currently working on, including a Mustang, A Lancia Aprilla, etc.

A big thank you to CMC for laying on a great day for JEC members and others who attended. Well recommended for next year!