Bicester Heritage Scramble - An Alternative View. ** WARNING - NON JAGUAR CONTENT **

The April 22 Scramble has been described by some as the 'Best Yet'. I don't know about that, although I have been to many Scrambles since I discovered it over 4 years ago. In this article, I am trying to give a broader flavour of the event, and having covered the April 22 Scramble from a JEC perspective in a previous 'News' article, perhaps the reader can forgive me that in this article I am concentrating on 'Non-Jaguar' content to reflect the breadth of content and experience. Well, that's what I am aiming for anyway!

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Starting with the Lambo...

Just look at the registration on the Lambo. 12 POT! I couldn't think of a better one. The car was immaculate too! And then there's the 2 Bugatti's nestling under the trees. Later on, they were joined by a third one. All driven in, no trailer Queens here! Then there's the Yank Tanks. The photo angle was deliberate to emphasise the extent of the rear wings. What was the talk like in the Design Office when this one was being developed? And then there's the randomness of some of the adjacent parking - nestled up together - Landi, Alfa, Aston and a CF Van. Priceless!

Variety Rules!

Probably the best thing about the Scramble, like any good car show, is that you don't know what you are going to see there, regardless of how often you have been!

So there's the Porche 911, in Gold, with the rubber bumpers. Very eighties!

Bicester Heritage have also been encouraging some controlled movement around the site, and this second shot was taken whilst I was sitting on a grass bank having a coffee, and then an Alvis rolls past. Definitely adds to the experience!

Bentley's obviously rule in some quarters!

And then there's the Hotchkiss. Yes that is some tail, and no it's not all because of the camera angle! It's massive!

Harking back to the glassfibre Clan Crusader, petite, delicate, fragile. Parked next to a classic Merc Coupe. Obviously the complete opposite!

All of the above is within the confines of the 'technical site' (ie the original buildings). Then there's the 'public parking area', split between 'pre 1990' and 'the rest'. No car club show display areas now it seems, but there's always some gems out there, like the distressed US "surf van?".I just love the carrier for the beer! Why haven't all vehicles got this?

So you've paid your money (all £17 of it for the June 22 Scramble!) and you takes your choice. There is something here for everyone.