Silverstone 5th May 2019 , Rounds 3 and 4,The Toyo Tires/ Jaguar Saloon & GT Championship

Toyo Tires/ Jaguar Saloon & GT Championship

The Toyo Tires/ Jaguar Saloon & GT Championship

The weather was kind, in that it didn’t rain, but for the whole of Sunday there was no sun! The Jag’s were actually housed inside the very impressive F1 facility – making a change from the fresh outside – and the scrutineers also came to us! The International circuit was slippery but conditions were fine for racing and OK for spectating. Qualifying and both races were to be held on the same day – a bit of a tight squeeze!

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Qualifying, Race 1, Race 2


From the start it was hard to split 10 cars – all posted times within 3 secs of each other for most of the session – until Colin Philpott in his Class D XJS put in a blistering 1.17.37 on lap 11 to clinch Pole. Sam Clark Jnr’s XJS and Tom Robinson in his XJR saloon were not far behind and Rodney Frost in his Class C XJS was 4th. James Ramm had some gremlins onboard and finished 9th. The B Class battle was won by Chris Boon in the V8 XK8 and Dean Sewell (XJ6) just piped Simon Dunford (XJS) for Class A qualifying honours. Sadly Lawrence Coppock failed to make qualifying due to a blown diff the day before.

Race 1

There was drama before the race with Micheal Holt pulling his X300 Class C car off the formed up grid leading to a slight delay. A rare standing start saw the first four keep their starting positions into the first corner with the exception of Sam Clarke Jnr – who managed to drop back to 6th by the second corner. Good starts were also made by two newcomers (Graham Allen from the back) S-Type Invitation Class and Nic Strong in the XJS Class C car. Fairly quickly the Class D cars asserted their more powerful authority with Philpott, Robinson pulling away and a hard charging Clarke slowly clawing back the places in pursuit. Ramm was also making places in his gremlin free XJS.

There was plenty of close racing going on with Lewis going well in the Class B X300 and Richard Coppock Class C XJS close too him but behind Class C XJ6 of Guy Connew. Towards the rear Dave Ringham Class A XJ6 overtook the S-Type of Graham Allen and Gail Hill was closing in on Simon Lewis. In the meantime, Micheal Holt had made adjustments and pulled back on the circuit and into the race – albeit a lap down. Dean Sewell was continuing strongly ahead of the trying hard Dunford Class A XJS. Up Front Philpott was still ahead of Robinson but James Ramm was up to 3rd until the recovering Clarke went past in pursuit of the leaders. Sadly, Robinson was destined to pull off with a terrible misfire – very unfortunate. But it left the way for Clarke to chase down Philpott and briefly even take the lead before Philpott asserted again. Coppock Jnr put in a good day at the office just behind Connew in Class C with birthday boy Ian Drage not far away!

At the flag the fast and reliable Philpott won with Clarke within 0.2 secs at the line – great entertainment for all watchers and earning Clarke Drive of the day for GT’s. Ramm was third and the ever consistent Frost 4th overall and 1st in Class C. Chris Boon won Class B from Gail Hill and in Class A Dean Sewell was just ahead of Simon Dunford. Simon Lewis won Saloon Drive of the Day.

Micheal Holt DNF along with Tom Robinson and fastest lap was posted by Clarke at 1.17.08 secs.

RESULTS RACE 1- Silverstone

Overall 1st Colin Philpott (XJS), 2nd Sam Clarke Jnr (XJS), James Ramm (XJS)

Class A 1st Dean Sewell (XJ6), 2nd Simon Dunford (XJS), David Ringham (XJ6),

Class B 1st Chris Boon XK8, 2nd, Gail Hill (XJS), Simon Lewis (X300)

Class C 1st Rodney Frost (XJS), 2nd Guy Connew (XJ6) 3rd Richard Coppock

Class D 1st Colin Philpott XJS, 2ndSam Clarke Jnr (XJS), 3rd James Ramm (XJS)

Race 2

Following the ball draw (number 5) Guy Connew found himself on Pole for the second race, with Rodney Frost alongside in 2nd and Sam Clarke Jnr and James Ramm in 3rd and 4th. They were followed by Philpott, Boon, Hill and Drage. Robinson and Holt were at the back as non-finishers in Race 1 and Lawrence Coppock took over at the wheel of Richard Coppocks Class C XJS meaning he had to start from the back as well!

From the off Clarke out-dragged the Class C cars and put himself into the lead up the inside of turn 1 – only for Philpott to pass him at the end of the hanger straight. Robinson got a blistering start from the back and had gained a few places – just as A Code 60 flag was waived (think virtual safety car) after an unfortunate incident that claimed the Gail Hill and Rick Walker cars – although neither was to blame. Whilst Philpott and Clarke carried on with their weekend long duel, Lawrence Coppock (Class C XJS) was chasing down the excellent newcomer Nic Strong (Class C XJS) and running behind Class A runners Sewell and Dunford. Robinson’s progress in the very fast XJR was going well as he clawed his way up to 4th – before his misfire woes returned and he sadly retired a couple of laps from the flag. The fortunes of Allen (S-Type) and Ringham were reversed for this race as Allen got more used to the newly built, effectively road going S-Type. Boon was slowly catching Connew and passed him with a lap or two to go. In the end Coppock took Sewell and finished a strong 8th from plum last at the start.

At the front the thrilling battle continued but Clarke could find no way past Philpott and again they finished very close together – having both, yet again, given the crowds fantastic entertainment with a solid display of hard but controlled racing. James Ramm finished a few seconds behind and Rodney Frost took 4th overall and the Class C win ahead of Connew and Drage. Chris Boon took Class B and Dean Sewell took Class A. Rodney Frost was awarded GT Drive of the Day and Tom Robinson was awarded Saloon Drive of the day – despite the dreaded misfire’s return.

RESULTS RACE 2 – Silverstone

Overall – 1st Colin Pilpott, 2ndSam Clarke Jnr, 3RD James Ramm

Class A 1st – Dean Sewell, 2nd Simon Dunford, 3rd David Ringham

Class B 1st - Chris Boon

Class C 1st - Rodney Frost (XJS), 2nd Guy Connew (XJ6), 3rd Ian Drage

Class D 1st – Colin Philpott, 2nd Sam Clarke Jnr (XJS), 3rd James Ramm (XJS),


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