Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club launch a new exclusive partnership with SNG Barratt to secure the future of parts supply.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club (JEC) will enter its fortieth year in 2024 with a new, multi-year working relationship with Jaguar parts specialist SNG Barratt.

The partnership agreement sees SNG Barratt join wealth management specialists Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management (AFWM) as joint presenting partners during the year of celebration ahead for the Club’s anniversary. This will enable the club to offer members a truly memorable weekend-long Summer Jaguar Festival based at Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth and the British Motor Museum near Gaydon, in the homeland of Jaguar, from 26-28 July 2024.

Julian Barratt, CEO of SNG Barratt commented,It’s incredibly special for us to give back to the community within the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club that has been so supportive of our business over the decades to ensure that we can all mark the fantastic achievements of the club over the last forty years in fine style. It’s going to be a truly memorable weekend!

However, the new partnership goes much deeper than the support for events during 2024.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club and SNG Barratt are now working together to secure the future of parts supply for Jaguar owners and to make Jaguar maintenance cheaper for members with lower prices through the Club than are available anywhere else.

SNG Barratt has a long tradition in the research and development of parts deemed no longer available from original equipment manufacturers and will now be expanding those activities with input at every stage from Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club members.

The Club will be collecting data and feedback from members on parts that are proving difficult to find or are suffering from quality, fitment, or durability issues. The data collected will then be pooled, analysed and presented to SNG Barratt during regular parts supply consultations. The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club will be leading this via our Model Sections and Parts Director, Mike Horlor so, correspondences should be addressed to him in the first instance, at [email protected].

The results of this dialogue will be reported back to members via regular insights in Jaguar Enthusiast Magazine. SNG Barratt will contribute a 4-page feature for every issue, to give club members an up-to-date insight into current activities, development projects, new parts, and the supply solutions that they have influenced.

Peter Purdom, Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Chairman said, “One of our core activities as we head into our next forty years here in the Club must be to enable and preserve the enjoyment of Jaguars from all eras by ensuring it remains possible to keep our cars on the road. Our exclusive partnership with SNG Barratt will not only help to secure future supply but also ensure that our members can access competitively priced, quality parts by having a direct route to feedback via the Club.”

Julian Barratt, SNG Barratt CEO adds, “As the largest Jaguar club in the world, the collective feedback from the community has always been valuable to our strategy here at SNG Barratt. But this agreement formalises that and allows us to consider more information on what the challenges are for owners keeping Jaguars on the road. JEC membership now includes the added benefit of having a direct influence on parts supply and development and it’s very exciting for us to be able to facilitate that.”

SNG Barratt has guaranteed that all Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club members will receive the best possible price on all parts ordered directly when quoting their JEC membership number. These prices are exclusive to JEC members and lower than any other discounts available anywhere else adding a huge extra benefit to Club membership. Your annual subscription to the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club will now make running your Jaguar cheaper, and many members will find that they quickly recoup their membership fees each year, when ordering from SNG Barratt.

Non-members wishing to obtain the exclusive discounts available to Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club members will be able to purchase their membership via SNG Barratt at the point of sale – ensuring you never have to miss out on getting the best prices on parts.

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