JEC Spares Initiative, an exciting development


The JEC has a long and valued history of improving the spares situation for Jaguar cars. Indeed, right from the start of the club’s existence in 1984, through the good work done by Ken Jenkins and others, the task was at the forefront of JEC activities. Presently revered models, like the Mk2 and original XK range, were simply old cars at that time. Keeping them on the road had become difficult. The club made it a key part of its mission to help members retain their much-loved Jaguars running on the road safely. Over time, as classic cars and Jaguars in particular, enjoyed greater popularity, the spares situation improved immeasurably and the need for the club to play a leading role in spares supply diminished accordingly.

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The work continues

Today, there is a risk that some even relatively modern Jaguars could be forced off the road for the lack of critical spare parts. That’s something no Jaguar enthusiast wants to happen and is why the club has decided to reinvigorate this area of our hobby. The good news is that we have an excellent willing partner in Julian Barratt of SNG Barratt to tackle this task along with the club’s input. SNG Barratt is the world’s largest supplier of Jaguar spares. A joint approach with the world’s largest Jaguar club will provide members with a formidable weapon in the fight to keep their Jaguars running in optimum condition.

The initial task in this partnership activity has been to list those parts problems that members have flagged recently to the club. In discussion with the Barratt’s team, we have been examining how Barratt’s might be able to help. That work has begun in earnest and the outcomes will be reported to members via our usual media as and when results are available. Parts critical to keep our Jaguars on the road will be given first priority but others will be considered too

How can you help?

The next step has involved the creation of a reporting mechanism for members to use when important parts become ‘NLA’ (no longer available) new from Jaguar or other sources. Jaguar, like all car manufacturers, offers support for its models in the early years of a model’s life but progressively reduces that support as a model ages. Enthusiast owners are the best people to spot impending supply or quality issues so adopting an efficient reporting mechanism will be vital to kickstart the process for any parts issue. The more information members are able to provide, by way of photographs, failure details and part numbers, the better the process will operate.

To report a spares issue, members are invited to complete an online form which we will be using to collate all the information we can. To complete the form please click here

What are the JEC doing with that information?

To help the club build and paint as full a picture as possible of the parts that members require, the information will be collated across models. Aggregating numbers will help maximise production volumes and will aid the economics of remanufacture or repair. At that stage, Barratt’s will be invited to examine the opportunities for reproducing those items and, in time, the company will report progress to the club.

This exciting initiative will undoubtedly benefit the whole Jaguar-loving community but don’t forget that JEC members enjoy special purchase terms when buying from SNG Barratt. If you know of an important spares issue which needs to be examined, don’t hesitate to complete and return the spares initiative proforma. With everyone’s help, our mission is to keep Jaguars on the road!

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