JLR seek to reassure owners of replicas

Jaguar Land Rover Classic's Director, Dan Pink has written an open letter to Jaguar enthusiasts regarding replicas of classic Jaguar models.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club has published this letter as a response to a number of enquiries to the club on the subject, where club members owning replica vehicles have expressed concerns.

Open Letter To Jaguar Community 11 02

To the Jaguar community,

You may have seen a recent news story relating to a C-type replica which portrays Jaguar Cars negatively, after a Swedish court ruled in our favour confirming that the C-type is protected by copyright. We wanted to reassure our customers and loyal enthusiasts that most of this news release was misleading, conjecture or completely untrue. At Jaguar Land Rover wewholeheartedly value our communities’ continued support. Importantly, we want to allay any fearsamongst the network of enthusiasts that Jaguar Land Rover might pursue individual owners of replica Jaguars and insist upon their destruction. This is not true. We will however, take action to stop businesses using our Intellectual Property illegally for their own profit, as in this case.

The Swedish court’s decision in our favour confirms that we were correct to take this caseforward. According to the Swedish court, the external shape of the Jaguar C-type is protected bycopyright, and this was infringed by a car being built by the defendants’ company, the first of six that they planned to build and sell at over Euros 250 thousand each.

At Jaguar Land Rover we understand that original C-types and official continuations are attainable for only a few and would like to be enjoyed by more enthusiasts. We have never, nor would we, take action against private owners of pre-existing individual replica vehicles, nor insist upon the destruction of their cars. In this case Jaguar Land Rover offered the defendants an opportunity to retain their completed replica for private use and enjoyment, however this was declined, and the defendants chose to continue with their plans to make money from our copyright.

The enthusiasm of our fans and the celebration of our heritage is extremely important to JaguarLand Rover. We will do everything we can to safeguard our heritage and it’s to honour thiscommitment that Jaguar Land Rover Classic was established in 2017. Dedicated to the production, restoration and maintenance of historic models, as well as the manufacture of new parts, Jaguar Land Rover Classic ensures that enthusiasts can enjoy our vehicles long into the future.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic preserve cars of historic significance and collections, we train talented technicians in specialist methods to build and maintain these special vehicles, ensuring traditional skills do not disappear, and work with owner groups around the world. When restrictions are lifted Jaguar Land Rover Classic will once again open the doors of its world class facilities for enthusiasts to enjoy. We thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely

Dan Pink Director, Jaguar Land Rover Classic on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover

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