Herschel Infrared Garage Heaters - SPECIAL CLUB DISCOUNT!

The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club is thrilled to announce a new relationship with Herschel Infrared offering a 10% discount off all Herschel heaters to JEC members.

Herschel Infrared’s heaters are ideal for classic car owners; as well as keeping garages warm, the radiant technology also reduces moisture in the environment helping reduce the likelihood of deterioration to vehicles.

Testimonial from a member

In 2017, Shropshire and Welsh Borders JEC regional representative, Nick Cliffe installed Herschel Infrared heaters in his garage to protect his Jaguars from condensation. They worked so well he wanted to share this innovative and economic, electric form of heating with other Club members. Nick says “The worst cause of rust in garaged cars of course is condensation, formed when the car body is colder than the air around it and much of this happens inside panels where you can’t see it. So it makes great sense to heat the car rather than the surrounding air”. Nick found that it was the car bodywork that provided the ambient temperature so even when it had been extremely cold outside and then suddenly warmed, causing concrete to ‘sweat’ there was zero condensation on his cars. Take a read of Nick’s case study here.

Herschel also has infrared heating systems for home, outdoor and commercial environments and the JEC Club discount applies to all.

Herschel heaters are revolutionising the way we heat ourselves, offering a stylish, efficient, simple to install solution that can help lower your carbon footprint as well as adding a designer feel to any space.

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