CMC launch protective ceramic coatings service for Jaguars in Bridgnorth.

A few months ago, Nigel Woodward, the Managing Director of CMC looked into the whole issue of ceramic coatings, to see if they would work in protecting a classic Jaguar. He rigorously tested products and below, you can read all about the moment that he threw engine oil at an XK140 bonnet in doing so!

Not only are we in lockdown but our pride and joy is not being used as much as it should. For those of us fortunate enough to have a garage and or a workshop the enforced period at home has given us time to catch up on those myriads of jobs both around the house and on our prized possessions.

For many it is a time when little jobs on our classics can be worked on and according to many partners there is lots of tinkering going on.

But of course, it is important for us to maintain and protect our vehicles particularly when there is an enforced period when we cannot use them.

Protecting a classic car, which can be one be of our most important financial assets is of paramount importance.

A few months ago, Nigel Woodward, the Managing Director of CMC looked into the whole issue of ceramic coatings to see if they would work in protecting a classic and

whether treatments of this kind might damage the vehicle.

Nigel had heard claims so approached a company that produced ceramic coatings for industry and asked them to visit CMC to see how this technology could assist in protecting classic cars.

They were very confident. Nigel was very sceptical especially when they wanted to coat the bonnet of an XK 140 and then throw engine oil at it. Discretion remains the best part of valour and Nigel found an old bonnet in the stores and told them to do their worst.

The bonnet was duly coated and then engine oil and a variety of nasty substances including tar and battery acid were thrown at the bonnet and Nigel was amazed at the results. The bonnet remained totally unscathed and the most of what was thrown at the bonnet just ran off or could be simply wiped away.

There followed some extensive conversations with the firm about how this coating could be adapted for classic cars and able to cover everything from the paintwork to the chassis to the glass. The firm said it was possible and Nigel asked for a revised formula to be produced.

It was duly done, the formula approved and “classic Guard” was launched with CMC offering a full body treatment that is applied by specially trained technicians at the company’s Headquarters in Bridgnorth.

Since then CMC have applied the coating to more than 50 classics including a mustang owned by Mark Dixon one of the Editors of Octane magazine who was very impressed as other owners have been with the results.

So bearing in mind that when we come out of the present lockdown, we will be using our cars even more to make up lost ground, CMC have come up with a special offer for JEC Members.

Classic Guard full ceramic coating of all paint work, glass, wheels and bright work: Normally £911.46. Special JEC members price £800. Save £111!

Classic Guard complete vehicle treatment including engine compartment and underside of vehicle: Normally £1.779.42. Special JEC Member price £1,550. Save nearly £230!

T&C apply. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

For more information or to make a booking just email us at [email protected] quoting JECGuard in the subject line or visit our website ”.

So why not give it a try and the next time you take your classic out on the road, and hopefully that will not be too long, it will not only be gleaming, it will be protected.

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