Will your car pass the detailing test?

Valeting and detailing Club partner, Exquisite Car Care, has an eye opening test for our readers; to run their finger tips over freshly washed and rinsed paint before drying it. What do you feel?

What will I probably feel?

You will probably feel some roughness, this is a build up of environmental contamination that is not removed by washing. These contaminants, scatter light and make the paint look increasingly dull as they build up. It can come as quite a surprise to many that not everything is removed by normal washing.

Members F-Type has the treatment.

The red F-Type featured was suffering from just this problem and came in for the Protection Detail service. Over 1 day this build up was removed to leave silky smooth paint, a glaze applied to mask minor swirls and dramatically add gloss and this was sealed in with a high gloss durable wax. Also, each corner was jacked up to flush dirt obscured in the wheel arches, the alloys deep cleaned, door shuts and drain points cleaned, the exhausts polished, glass cleaned and tyre walls restored to a satin black.

This service is designed as an annual service of your paintwork, alloys, drain points, wheel arches and exhausts. We wouldn't dream of not servicing our cars, but when was the last time we had our car serviced in this way?


Who are Exquisite Car Care?

Exquisite Car Care are a Club partner and offer a wide range of car detailing services, all provided from a studio within easy reach of Bristol, Bath, Keynsham, Somerset, Wiltshire & the South West. Unlike car valeting, that offers a one size fits all service, Exquisite Car Care solve the problems you have with your car and tailor a service to meet your needs for your vehicleIf you would like to learn more about paintwork contamination treatment please see the link below and remember JEC members receive a 15% discount with this club partner.

Paintwork Contamination details here

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