Regional News; Regional Ambassador programme launches

After a year in the planning, the club is pleased to announce yet another level of support for our regions, in the shape of a brand new team of Regional Ambassadors.

In 2018 the club took the step of introducing a dedicated Regional Manager. Through this a long term development plan for the club's ever growing regions took shape. At the heart of this plan was an additional team of Regional Ambassadors.

Intended to work on a ultra local basis, each Ambassador will act as another point of contact and reference for those committee teams all over the country who make our regions as vibrant as they are. Having no more than seven regions allocated to each Ambassador means that great communication relationships can be formed, and regions will now have access to central knowledge within miles of their own base.

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"We are incredibly lucky to have found our first eight volunteer Ambassadors," said Regional Manager Patch Jobson, "When we started to redevelop our support for the region's we very quickly came to the conclusion that this united support team for the regions was going to have to be much bigger than we had hoped. Times have changed, and our Region's are constantly growing, with that in mind it means that the our support level has to grow as well."

With a large section of the country now covered, which includes the South West, Wales, the North of England and the South East it is now hoped that within a very short period of time, this is a model that will be rolled out to all of our regions, both national and international.

The first team of Ambassadors includes;

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Barrie March South West Ambassador

Covering: Cornwall, Tamar, Devon, Somerset, Dorset & Wiltshire

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Ian Newman, South Central Ambassador

Covering: New Forrest & Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Surrey Hants, East Sussex and West Sussex

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Img 5788

Peter Freelove, South East Ambassador

Covering: Thames Valley, Surrey, Kent, Kent South, Essex Thameside, London Eastcote

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Img 5792

Graham Greenwood, Midlands East Ambassador

Covering: Wiltshire & North Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Coventry & Hinkley, Leicester, Lincolnshire South, Notts & Borders, Derbyshire.

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Img 5793

Geoff Johnstone, Midland West Ambassador

Covering: Central, Shropshire & Welsh, Staffs. North, Cheshire & North Wales

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Img 5789

Carol Robinson, North Ambassador

Covering: Yorkshire South, Doncaster and District, Yorkshire Ridings, Red Rose, York and District, Lincs.North.

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Stephen Daniels, Central East Ambassador

Covering: Oxfordshire, Bucks & Herts, South Midlands, Bedford, Northants, Cambridgeshire

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Additional ambassadors will also shortly be announced for Scotland, Wales and other area's of the country as they finalise their initial training. If you belong to a region which has not been highlighted here, and would like to know more about how you could help the programme then please get in touch with the club's Regional Manager, by clicking here.

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