Pirelli Performance Centre Visit in Burton-on-Trent

Arriving at the plush Pirelli centre wasn't like going to Kwik Fit! Pirelli had laid on hospitality that was second to none and a fine buffet was tucked into. Their workshop or should I say studio or surgery, is state of the art to say the least, and we learnt so much about tyres it's beyond belief.

What stood out?

The one thing that stood out was that every tyre is designed specifically with one model in mind i.e a particular p-zero configuration specifically for a Jaguar F-Type. Jaguar will send Pirelli a 25 page prescription of what they want the tyre to do including stress factors and so on then Pirelli design a tyre to suit their needs.

So even though a tyre will say 225 60 16 on the outer wall for a Jaguar XJ 308 if its not got the 'J' for jaguar on it, it will actually be a completely different tyre to say another brand 225 60 16 or even another Pirelli tyre of the same size. Pirelli passed around three cut out profiles of a tyre of the same size BUT the build was different with different walls, strengthening, and rim holding. I will always now use the original fitment of tyres to the car as you would a starter motor. Pirelli offered our cars free health checks on tracking and tyre condition whilst we were being talked to, with the most up to date technology you can imagine at the Burton Pirelli Performance Centre.

Club Scheme

I've always used Pirelli tyres on my Jaguars and now they do a classic car range, which several members were very interested in - website here. With the JEC discount they beat anyone's quotes and a member on the night saved £200 on 4 tyres for his F-Type, with other members also placing orders. The state of the art tracking service is cheaper than local dealers to, and with a local shopping estate close by to enjoy whilst the tyres are being inspected you can make a day of it.

19377 Pirelli Fuel Gift Card Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

Thank you Pirelli

The evening was excellent in every way and the Q&A session was outstanding so on behalf of "JEC CENTRAL REGION" i would like to thank Matt and James and all the staff @ Pirelli as well as Andy Webber for organising this for the JEC.

Andy says, “The partnership with Pirelli isn’t just about the beneficial fuel card offer. These events prove how Pirelli are going further to give our members excellent experiences - THANK YOU PIRELLI"

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