Exquisite Car Care offer

Will you lose out on the double the discount available at Exquisite Car Care? The whopping 30% discount to JEC members ends on 31st January 2019. First come first served!

Investment worth it?

Would investing the care, skill and expertise of one of the United Kingdom's most fastidious car detailers benefit your vehicle? You would be amazed at the vast improvement I have made to even the most treasured vehicles, let alone the daily drivers and everything in between.

If you don't believe me take a look at the gallery page here that details the transformation process of some of my previous projects.

If you are considering getting your car detailed but not sure of what you would like here a few of the services that I offer:-

• Removing the contaminants not removed by normal washing and dull the paint. If you feel your paintwork whilst still wet after washing it, you will probably feel it is slightly rough. These are the contaminants that have built up.

• Restoring the gloss, reflectivity & clarity to paintwork by safely removing a small amount or the outermost layer or the paint and exposing factory fresh paint underneath.

• Applying ceramic coating systems to paintwork and alloys that offer scratch resistance, add gloss & reflectivity and ease of maintenance thanks to strong self cleaning properties. These coatings surpass anything available to the general public and detailers without Gyeon certification.

• The deep cleaning of car interiors. You would be amazed at what slowly builds up over the years without anyone realising!

• Engine bay cleaning & presentation.

• Restoring the clarity to cloudy, discoloured and faded headlights.

• The application of an ultra hydrophobic coating to glass that means wipers aren't required at 50mph+. The glass is chemically cleaned first to restore clarity and the reduce eye strain of looking through a layer of lime scale

As you can see I offer a complete range of services to cleanse, enhance and protect your car. Each service is tailored to what you want for your vehicle. Creating your service starts by helping me understand what you are looking for, so call Jon on 07737935110 or email [email protected]

One thing to note, the discount excludes any third party work such as alloy wheel refurbishment or items especially purchased for the vehicle such as mats, badges, wheel bolts etc.

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