Driving in Europe after Brexit

No-one knows exactly what driving in Europe for UK citizens will look like after Brexit, but the FBHVC have created a useful checklist to make sure you are properly prepared.

Update from Simon Cronin

Just read Fridays spotlight and the comments from the federation regarding driving abroad after March 29th, according to my information ( deal or no deal) all British driver who wish to drive on the continent will have to be in possession of an International driving permit.

There are two different types depending on which country you are visiting:-

1 For driving in Spain you need IDP no 1949.

2 For most other countries you need IDP no1968 this includes most of the popular destinations France Germany Italy etc.

I have checked my information with our local Post Office, all you need are two coloured passport size photographs and £5.50 and the process takes about 10 minutes.

At present you can only obtain an IDP from a crown post office not your local office but all this will change on March 29.

Also the EHIC card will no longer be valid after March 29 so all travellers abroad will need if they have not got it personal Travel insurance.

I am happy to talk to any members who may need more information re travelling abroad. You can contact Simon via email: [email protected]

Brexit Checklist

The Federation recognises that you might be considering taking your historic vehicle across the Channel, or into the Republic of Ireland, this year.

You might be concerned about what will be different if the UK should leave the EU on 29 March 2019 without any deal having been achieved.

In anything concerning this subject, in the first instance you should consult Government websites. As departments develop their plans, information is posted online on a regular basis.

The following are areas which the Federation considers you should think about if you are intending to travel, either as a driver or passenger.

You should consider your insurance, both vehicle and personal.

    • The Insurance Directive will cease to be effective and there could be changes to how claims would be dealt with. Ask your motor insurer.
    • You may require a Green Card to visit EU countries, and not all EU countries accept the same Green Card. Your motor insurer should know the various rules.
    • Your European Health Insurance Card will no longer be of any effect. Thus you should consider establishing that your insurance cover includes full health insurance, including, if required, cover against the occurrence of existing medical conditions.
  • You may need any driver to acquire an International Driving Permit.
  • You will require to show a separate GB plate even if your vehicle is identified as being registered in the UK by the EU ‘GB’ number plate.
  • The Roadworthiness Testing Directive will no longer apply. You may wish to submit your vehicle to an MOT test, even if it is exempt, so that you will be in possession of evidence that the vehicle has passed a roadworthiness test if local law enforcement requests.
  • Not all local Low Emission Zones currently exempt historic vehicles. There may be some which exempt only historic vehicles from the EU. You will need to check locally. This advice must not be regarded as complete or accurate; it is offered only as a useful checklist. If you have specific questions, we will try to help, but in the current uncertainty, we will not necessarily know the answer.

While we cant confirm any of the impacts of Brexit, we always feel its best to be prepared and this cracking checklist will hopefully help you not get caught out on your tour.

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