Which of our cars for sale would you take on your summer holiday?

We’re all going on a summer holiday etc. With the weather staring to turn around for the better we thought it would be time to ask a question – if you had to take one car from our classifieds on your summer holiday, which would it be?

The rules are you can only take one car, be it a sensible mile cruncher with space for the offspring, or something with a little more poke to enjoy with your significant other? We’ve amassed a small selection of cars from our club classifieds for you to pick from, some more controversial than others...

The selection is below, have a look at each of them and let us know in the comments section which you would take!

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XJS Convertible 4 Litre

A solid first choice in a colour combination that defies the car's age. The long, relaxing holiday days can be made even better by the long bonnet and smooth drive of the XJS convertible. at £18,000 and 113,000 miles it's something to think about, but just imagine cruising in this beauty! You want to read more, do so HERE.

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XKR Coupé

This is cool, do we need to say any more? A supercharged V8 is the perfect summer belter, and there's (limited) space to take the kids with you as well. For £10,000 this XKR is a major steal, and seems to be in good working condition - form an orderly queue! Read more HERE.

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X358 XJR

This is the meanest of the bunch. For those who want other road users to GTFO of their way on the journey down south there is no better than a jet black XJR. There's enough poke to get you where you want to go in plenty of time, and is comfortable enough to keep all passengers more than happy. If you're off on your holiday is there anything better than this modern classic? Take a look HERE.

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S-Type 3.8 auto

From modern classic to actual classic - if you like your holiday transport to be charming and oily then look no further. We've got this charming S-Type 3.8 Auto in a colour as blue as the summer sky with seats to match. If you like to take it easy with an eye on old-school cool then look no further. Read more about this S-Type HERE.

Screen Shot 2018 06 06 At 14 30 21

While we all love Jaguar, whisper it but there are other car manufacturers. In our classifieds we don't just have Jaguars so it's definitely worth a browse as you never know what you'll find! Our wildcard for this piece is the Mercedes CL500. A modern cruiser with power and presence aplenty this big Merc is definitely one to consider for your holiday, especially given the pillarless windows. Take a walk on the wild side HERE.

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