The JEC Lightfoot Challenge has started......

Three brave JEC officials take on each other in our "Lighfoot challenge". Winners get rewarded for efficient driving.

Lightfoot, rewarding better drivers

There is a growing focus on driving in a more efficient manner as pressure of fuel resources, rising costs and environmental impact all increase. So when a conversation took place that mentioned a company and app that rewards efficient drivers took place we had to take a look. Enter Lightfoot, a company that combines better driving with rewards such as money off restaurants, days out, free coffee, who wouldn't be interested? The bit of tech is easy to install and the app took moments to download. The question now, what is the JEC Challenge?

The JEC Challenge

To really see for ourselves what Lightfoot is all about we selected three JEC officials who we knew do plenty of miles and got them all together along with David from Lightfoot and started the JEC Challenge. Simple idea, three drivers, 1 month, 1 winner. David arrived from Lightfoot and set about installing the device on the chosen cars. This was a simple process taking no time at all to install. Even quicker (surprisingly for our three officials) it took less time to download the app and that is it. Everything is set to go for the challenge.

Lightfoot Install
Lightfoot Install2

What next?

Our league has started, David instructed the three intrepid drivers Steve Cocks, Andy Webber and Patch Jobson and in a weeks time once the system has "learnt" their driving habits the league begins. Now all Graham and James have to do in the office is wait and enjoy the banter as we find out how the league goes (my money is on Steve *James)

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