Photos from the Lister Thunder launch

As Jaguar fans and up to date individuals, the news of Lister recently launching their new 666bhp 'Thunder' based on an F-Type will come as no surprise. Launched digitally a few weeks ago the public have been eagerly awaiting the rolling debut of the dark and stormy Lister. Wait no longer, Jaguar fans, as we were present at the launch of the Thunder last week at the London Classic Car Show. On thursday evening once the show had wrapped up for the day the Lister took to the runway for its official, and noisy, debut.

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The Thunder is based on the AWD V8S F-Type and will cost around £140,000 should you want one on your driveway. The car was driven into the arena by Lister MD Lawrence Whittaker who then answered questions about the car from TV's Quentin Wilson. We were trackside for the launch and tried to keep up with the car thundering (pun unintentional but I'm unapologetic) through the hall to capture the launch for you below. 


We also sat down with Lawrence Whittaker in the new Thunder for a chat after the launch, you can watch the video in 360 degrees on our Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Words by George Cheetham, photos by Andrew Coles & George Cheetham

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